Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle Ride Banner

Join us for our annual Spc Christopher Patterson Memorial Bike Ride as we ride to raise awareness for the Foundation and raise money to support the ideals of Christopher, “For God, For Country, For Music”.

The Ride is the event where we focus on “For God and For Country” as we use the funds collected to contribute to other organizations.

In 2017 we donated to Midwest Shelter For Homeless Veterans, who have been serving veterans and getting them back on their feet since 2007.

We’ve also contributed to Freedom Farm for Vets who support service members who need a break and to recover from past experiences.

Our longest running contribution has been to the Immanuel Lutheran Church and School Performing Arts program, directly contributing to supporting the arts and instilling them in children.

The ride involves great food which has been provided by the Vikings Club and Veterans Q, live music, raffles, and of course the ride.

The ride itself follows the path of Chris’s funeral procession, including a silent pass by his final resting place.

We look forward to you joining us for our next ride and helping to support the arts and continue a legacy.